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Lord Hunters Cinderella Heiress.

By Lara Temple



Betrothed…to the wrong man!


Building a life away from her bullying family, schoolmistress Helen Tilney now needs to convince her childhood sweetheart she’s a worthy bride. Standing in her way is Lord Hunter—the man Nell has just discovered she’s betrothed to!


Hunter’s offer of marriage to Nell came out of guilt, and now seems less than appealing! So when she asks for his help to win another man, he agrees. Until their lessons in flirtation inspire a raging desire that has Hunter longing to keep Nell for himself…


Book 1 in the Wild Lords and Innocent Ladies trilogy



Goodreads My Rating 5*


Naughtiness 3.5*


Fantastically Beautiful. Absolutely loved this book very much indeed to the point where I literally read it in one go. I could not put this book down had to find out what happens on the next page after reading the one before. This truly is an amazing read having read Laras published books to date I always end up loving the one I’ve just read, even though I adore them all. It has most truly been an honour and privilege to read it and I cannot wait for its sister books to be ready. Even though this can be read as a stand alone there will be two more that I know of and cannot wait.


As always I will never give spoilers, however I will say that every emotion you can think of you will feel especially on behalf of both lead characters. There are giggles cackling and adoration to be shared aswell as coming together. More than once did I literally become outraged on their behalf and also laugh with them in high jinx. This book certainly has it all and I most definitely can’t wait to see how they progress as I’m sure they will make appearances in the following sister books.


Thank you dear Lady Lara for writing this beautiful book aswell as allowing me the honour and privilege of reading it 💕


Though it’s a little while until it’s out it is available on kindle for pre order £2.99 it’s release is 1st November


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    carolcork said:
    August 29, 2017 at 6:03 pm

    Gwessie, I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from Lara and I’m looking forward to reading it.

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