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The Seal Shifter’s Secret Baby.

By Leela Ash




***He’s as BAD as they COME…and she never thought they’d connect…now her SECRET could DESTROY it ALL***


Jonah Lucas thinks he has life figured out. He’s strong, intelligent, and brave – a decorated Navy SEAL. But when the bear shifters get their hands on the priceless Serah Stone, he embarks upon the most important mission of his life – to save his hometown from the biggest threat it has ever encountered.


But when Jonah returns to Stonybrooke, the mission is suddenly complicated. His sister’s friend Lyla is there to greet him, and the wolf wants her. Bad.


The sparks fly between them, but it’s all wrong. Jonah needs to focus on the mission; it’s bigger than everything. Especially bigger than his own feelings.


When the tension between them becomes too much and they share a night of passion, Jonah thinks he can put his reservations behind him…but it isn’t meant to be. Because Lyla has a secret. And it’s something that Jonah may never forgive her for…


This is a SHIFTER ROMANCE featuring a SECRET BABY theme novella length tale


This story contains No Cheating, No Cliffhanger and of course has an HEA ; ). For a limited time also please enjoy all the BONUS stories included!

Warning: This ebook contains mature themes and language and is meant for 18+ readers only



Good reads my rating 5*

Naughtiness 3.5stars

Another fantastic book, I’m loving this series very much and am eager to read the next even though they can all be read as stand alone books, I’m very much looking forward to them all being out then I can re read the lot in order.

As always I will never give spoilers there is a briefing the blurb, I can say the only issue I have is that they are not longer I’m a greedy reader I like longer books, but knowing how hard authors work on their books I know it’s an issue I have not Leela. What I can say is that this is a sweet story that has a bit of everything you need from cute and fluffy to hot but with story that balances out so it’s another awesome read I for one love it and do recommend it to all who love wolf shifter romance with some romance and adventure.

As always thank you Leela for writing this book I definitely am very much loving them all so far thank you for giving me the honour of reading it xx


currently £0.99 on kindle and for a short time contains bonus stories


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