About The Sisters

Welcome to The Review Sisters Blog

We are four, firm friends who all share a love of reading and sharing our thoughts on the books we have read. We all come from different back grounds and we span the generations, we have knowledge, wisdom and creativity within our ranks. We write thought-provoking, helpful, intelligent and honest reviews.

All four of us are reviewers in our own right, and as you will come to learn we each review on our own blogs or on Goodreads. Between the five of us we have been reviewing and blogging for a number of years.

We set this blog up as a place we can get together and share each of our reviews with not just each other but everyone.

We all predominantly read Romance in some form or another, so this blog will be made up of a lot of Romance whether that be Historical or Contemporary but I’m sure there will be other genres mixed in there somewhere.

So who are The Review Sisters?

Alison Pearson

Alison is another of our Mills and Boon reviewers, she is a dedicated Cat owner, coffee drinker and Chocolate eater and a well-respected member of the Mills and Boons Review Community. She is the owner of book review blog Black Cat Book Reviews

Frankie Reviews

Frankie is our tea drinking, “Jack of all Trades”. She is an avid Historical Romance reader, an eclectic but proud Yorkshire lass who is the founder and owner of book review blog Chick’s Rogue’s and Scandal’s.

Gwessie Tee

Gwessie is our well-respected and Internationally acclaimed, Goodreads reviewer. She is a well-loved member of the Mills and Boons Insiders review group and Reviews over at Goodreads: Gwessie Tee.

Shell Cunliffe

Shell is our fifth Mills and Boons Insider, she is another proud tea drinking, Yorkshire Lass who. She is a well-respected and much-loved member of The Mills and Boons Insiders community who reviews on her blog Boonies123

So I hope you will keep dropping by, we are going to be posting a lot of reviews.