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Hi everyone and welcome to our blog, we sisters five met through Mills and Boon Insiders a group who read and review books due to come out by the publisher, as the main page shows we met and formed a close friendship and from there Review Sisters was born.

it was kindly pointed out that most people who we so far have invited from our own friends lists that people liking both or of the pages and twitter may know one of us but not all of us as yet so we decided before posting individual reviews we would post our own introductions.

I’m a married mother of two, eldest is hopefully about to start Uni my youngest is 9 has autism. I myself am also disabled due to spinal injuries that to cut a long story short fractured in a fall then started crumbling years later. Im also a sepsis survivor ( my mother says I don’t do things by halves she’s right lol).

my reading is mostly like a meditation I for the most part read romance I need the positive endings the happy ever after even though they could go through abject hell on their way to achieving it I need that buzz to show and remind myself as I escape into books daily to keep me sane silver linings are still out there you can go through hell and come out the other side, also knowing that there are people out there in a worse state than I’m in though heartbreaking knowing this it also in a strange way helps as you forget your not alone in how you feel or cope with it reading helps me hugely with this and also the people I meet on the way the fellow book lovers who become close as family and the authors who become saviour’s who help keep me sane when everyone’s out, it was this that started me reviewing I noticed that when I came to fb that reviews help authors and potential new readers find books to read.

As above I prefer romance but have read fantasy and Paranormal without romance being the main genre but romance is my preference ( I love the buzz of a happily ever after ), and Biographies of people I admire eg Michelle Visage Willam Belli Shane Dawson, they have come through a lot and use humor alot and have a message to give to the world to inspire others with comedy entwined to be uplifting.

With Romance I always loved romance first thanks to Jane Austen and Colin Firth as Mr Darcy when I was young so Regency is definitely my first love, Medical I got hooked on just after I was poorly in honour of those who along with my husband fought to save me so I could be here today I adore Medical romance you will notice me often say Love is the best medicine it truly is. I also love Paranormal romance and sci-fi romance ones would find me not reading are bdsm books I’m no prude at all but I want the story of the couple not fifty shades of grey lol it’s not for me.


So that’s me I hope you will like my reviews along with my sisters, I hope you find plenty of book recommendations, also new authors to start stalking in the best possible  way. Author friends thank you always you keep me sane you will never realise how much you do for me by sharing your gift of story telling with the world, I truly do thank you always. My fellow Review Sisters thank you for friending me in the first place love to you all xxxxx.