Interview by The Review Sisters – Introducing Author Therese Beharrie and Her Latest Release, The Millionaire’s Redemption

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Interview with Therese Beharrie


The Review Sisters: Hi Therese and thanks for chatting with the Review Sisters today. We’re so excited to have you and to chat about your new release – The Millionaire’s Redemption. Happy release day!

Therese Beharrie:  Thanks so much for having me! I’m excited about sharing this book with you – it’s one of my favourites!

The Review Sisters: Can you give us a brief summary of The Millionaire’s Redemption?

Therese Beharrie:  Lily Newman knows that Jacques Brookes is trouble. But after he helps her save face in front of her cheating ex-fiance, Lily agrees to help Jacques rebuild his image. Pretending to be Jacques’ girlfriend would help the millionaire find redemption – and it might just be exactly what Lily needs to believe in love again!

The Review Sisters: Please share an excerpt of one your favourite scenes in the book.

Therese Beharrie:   

‘She told me to be careful with you.’

Lily nodded again, her face pensive, and then her eyes shifted to something behind him. She moved closer and gave him a whiff of citrus and summer. It was a heady combination, he thought as his body tightened, and he assured himself that that was the only reason for his reaction.

‘Our plan seems to be working.’ Her curls shook as she lifted her head to look at him. ‘Kyle barely seems to be paying attention to his—’

Her eyes widened and she bit her lip again. The prickle in his body became an ache.

‘Date?’ he offered, to distract himself, but couldn’t help the hand that lifted to tuck a curl around her ear.

‘Sure—let’s go with that,’ she murmured, and fluttered those dark lashes up at him.

The ache was replaced by a punch to the gut.

‘Why do I need to be careful with you?’

It suddenly seemed imperative for him to know.

‘You don’t…’ she breathed, and electricity snapped between them.

‘Are you sure?’

‘No.’ She shook her head. ‘I’m tired of being treated like I’m going to break. My fiancé cheated on me. I was—’ She stopped, and there was a flash of vulnerability on her face before it was replaced with a fierce expression. ‘You don’t have to be careful with me. Treat me as you would any other woman.’

The Review Sisters:   Oh, great choice! Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind Jacques and Lily’s story?

Therese Beharrie:   Writing my second book, A Marriage Worth Saving, was quite intense, so I wanted something a bit more fun for my third book. Jacques came to mind first. He’s one of the sexiest heroes I’ve written – sexy, rough around the edges, and so at ease with himself that you can’t help but be attracted to him. I paired him with Lily because she’s the complete opposite, and I really liked the idea of Lily finding her confidence by pretending to be Jacques’ girlfriend (and having a little of his confidence rub off on her!).

The Review Sisters: The Millionaire’s Redemption is your third book, which of your characters were the most difficult to write?

Therese Beharrie: Lily was quite tough to write because she reminded me so much of myself. But that’s one of my favourite things about writing – you can give your characters the journey you think they deserve, without life getting in the way! It was therapeutic and so rewarding to help Lily grow into herself and become sure of her choices. I hope that’s relatable for my readers, too!

The Review Sisters: Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into writing?

Therese Beharrie:  I’m from Cape Town, South Africa, and I’m fortunate to be writing full time at the moment. I’m married to an incredible man who inspires my romantic heroes (don’t tell him though – he might get a big head), and we have two Husky fur-babies.  I started writing when I was still at school, but only seriously got into it while at university. I entered Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write competition, and got some great feedback that eventually helped me get the attention of an editor and my publishing contract!

The Review Sisters: Can we have a cheeky snippet about you that no-one else would know?

Therese Beharrie:  This one might get me in trouble, but I don’t always read sex scenes! If an author grabs me (so to speak…) during the first sex scene of a book, I’ll read all of them, but if they don’t, I skip them. Eep!

The Review Sisters:  A great snippet! Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone! Please tell us more about your Husky fur-babies, the gorgeous duo!

Therese Beharrie:  ALWAYS! My husband got them before we knew each other, but since we started dating when they were about a year old, I feel like they’ve always been mine. I always thought I was a cat person, but their sweet personalities really test that belief. I mean, really, LOOK AT THESE FACES!


The Review Sisters: And finally! We are huge fans of your blog! What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Therese Beharrie: Thanks so much for reading it! I write my blog because I know what it’s like to be starting out and to feel alone (and like you don’t know anything!) So I share tips and experiences that I hope others can relate to and learn from. The best piece of advice I can give to aspiring writers is to make time to write. I use ‘make’ very specifically, because often we find excuses about why we don’t have time to write. So, make time. Get up an hour earlier, go to bed an hour later, sacrifice your lunch hour, or the fifteen minutes between meetings. Small and steady goals will help you grow and before you know it, you’ll have something that will make you feel accomplished and push you to want to do more.

img_1608Therese Beharrie Author Blog – Diverse,Sweet, Emotional Romance A great place for honest and relatable advice for writers who are published and aspiring.

The Review Sisters: Thanks for joining us today Therese, it’s been fun getting to know you and finding out more about your latest release. Oh, and of course meeting your gorgeous fur-babies!

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The Review Sister – Amy Ella’s thoughts on The Millionaires Redemption are below! 

The Millionaire’s Redemption

By Therese Beharrie 

The Blurb 

He’ll prove he’s worthy of her love and her bed!

Jacques Brookes is trouble and Lily Newman has already had her heart broken once. But, by pretending to be his girlfriend, she may be the only person who can help the millionaire to redemption. And perhaps it’s also just what Lily needs to believe in love again…

Amy’s Review
The Review

Lily Newman, our heroine, is a woman, most if not all, will relate to. Lily believes she isn’t worthy and doesn’t quite measure up to the expected standards, no matter how many pounds she sheds. Thinking the first man to show her any attention ‘is’ worthy of her… She finds out the hard way – ‘not all that glitters is gold.’  

But then she  meets a rough diamond, our hero, Jacques Brookes. He is a confident, smooth and sexy bad-boy trying to turn his life, and luck, around. But he needs a little smoothing around the edges…

Both Lily and Jacques’s journey really resonated with me.

‘You keep thinking about the things you’ve failed at. But have you looked at what you’ve succeeded at? … Yes, you’ve failed. You’ve made mistakes. We all have. But we need to look at how we’ve dealt with the failure and mistakes. That’s what defines us.’

This message resonated with me throughout this title for both Jacques and Lily. Reminding me that what’s important in this life is not to conform to others expectations of you. But, to believe that your dreams are important, ‘you’ are important. Keep fighting to be the best person ‘you’ want to be because the only expectations that matter are the ones you set for yourself!

This is my second book by Therese Beharrie and I can say that she has a very distinct voice – she captures the true nature of her characters and breathes life into them by giving them real emotions and reactions to their circumstance.

Therese Beharrie writes real characters, with real emotions whilst whisking you away to breath-taking settings and placing you firmly into the plot with thoughtful and well-paced dialogue.

The Millionaire’s Redemption is a sweet romance that packs a sizzle and leaves you warm and fuzzy with a well deserved happily ever after!

Purchase The Millionaire’s Redemption Here Today 

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