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Introduction to Review Sister – Frankie Reviews

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Hello Lovelies, welcome to The Review Sisters blog!

If you don’t know me I’m Frankie, I am the founder, owner and sole reviewer of book review blog Chick’s Rogue’s and Scandal’s, and I am very honored to call myself one of The Review Sisters along side four of the most amazing women.

I am a very proud Yorkshire Lass, tea drinker and a huge Historical Romance fan who has an addiction to a certain Tom Hardy, but don’t tell anyone…😉 I am never happier then when I am curled up with a good book, a cuppa and with my dog at my feet.

I am the “Jack of all Trades” of the group, I’m not too fussy about what kind of Historical Romance I read, whether that be Regency, Medieval or Georgian. I don’t mind!

Unfortunately at the minute I’m not accepting review requests from new authors as my ARC pile has grown to mammoth proportions.

Thank you for dropping by, I hope you will find my reviews interesting and helpful and I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on the books I read. 💜


Book Review by Amy Ella – Redeeming the Rogue Knight by Elisabeth Hobbes

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The Blurb

The spy who sought refuge…When injured spy Sir Roger Danby comes asking for shelter at her inn, Lucy Carew is wary. He may be strikingly handsome, but the disgraced single mother has learnt the hard way with men like him. Against her better judgement, she gives him refuge.

Sir Roger has never been at the mercy of a woman before, and he’s never met one as mysterious and bewitching as Lucy. He hasn’t come looking for redemption, but Lucy is a woman who could reach in and touch his closely guarded heart…

The Review

Our hero, Sir Roger Danby was given an unforgettable introduction in his brother’s, Hal’s, story ‘The Blacksmith’s Wife’ and I confess I didn’t think this knight was redeemable – boy was I wrong. I went from completely loathing him to cooing and swooning all over him! 

Roger is stripped bare of all the things he deems his right and privilege to have; he is vulnerable and in this time of vulnerability his true-self is revealed and damn, it’s quite a revelation! Roger becomes stronger by allowing himself to be weak… 

Roger is hurt and needing help, our heroine, Lucy Carew takes him in. Lucy is one of the strongest heroines I’ve met – she is fierce, no doubt about it, she’s my kind of girl! 

Determined to make the best out of her lot in life , for her son, she trudges forward, and I think her attitude towards the moments that ‘could have’ defined her sets her apart from other heroines and really pulls you into the historical era. 

Roger and Lucy’s story is tender whilst being passionate. A story of finding true love in the most unexpected place and being stronger because of that love. 

The writing is clever and witty! Redeeming the Rogue Knight has truly confirmed that medieval romance rocks – read it, you won’t be disappointed! 5/5 stars from me! 

Pre-order here – Redeeming the Rogue Knight 

Introduction to Review Sister – Amy Ella

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Hellloooo everyone and thanks for joining us on the brand new review blog from The Review Sisters!

If you haven’t met me before I’m Amy Ella – the book lover and Mills & Boon aspiring writing of the group. I’m also a #MillsandBoonInsider and you can find me with Shell, over on the Mills & Boon Book Reviews and Chat blog/ FB page too.

I’m thrilled to call myself a Review Sister and to be in such good company!

I read and review any title published by Harlequin, Mills and Boon. Unfortunatley at the moment, I’m not accepting any new authors to review as I’ve decided to tackle the ‘to-be-read’ pile! Wish me luck 😉

I hope you find my reviews helpful and they introduce you to some great books 📚 Happy reading ❤️

Gwessie Tee

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Hi everyone and welcome to our blog, we sisters five met through Mills and Boon Insiders a group who read and review books due to come out by the publisher, as the main page shows we met and formed a close friendship and from there Review Sisters was born.

it was kindly pointed out that most people who we so far have invited from our own friends lists that people liking both or of the pages and twitter may know one of us but not all of us as yet so we decided before posting individual reviews we would post our own introductions.

I’m a married mother of two, eldest is hopefully about to start Uni my youngest is 9 has autism. I myself am also disabled due to spinal injuries that to cut a long story short fractured in a fall then started crumbling years later. Im also a sepsis survivor ( my mother says I don’t do things by halves she’s right lol).

my reading is mostly like a meditation I for the most part read romance I need the positive endings the happy ever after even though they could go through abject hell on their way to achieving it I need that buzz to show and remind myself as I escape into books daily to keep me sane silver linings are still out there you can go through hell and come out the other side, also knowing that there are people out there in a worse state than I’m in though heartbreaking knowing this it also in a strange way helps as you forget your not alone in how you feel or cope with it reading helps me hugely with this and also the people I meet on the way the fellow book lovers who become close as family and the authors who become saviour’s who help keep me sane when everyone’s out, it was this that started me reviewing I noticed that when I came to fb that reviews help authors and potential new readers find books to read.

As above I prefer romance but have read fantasy and Paranormal without romance being the main genre but romance is my preference ( I love the buzz of a happily ever after ), and Biographies of people I admire eg Michelle Visage Willam Belli Shane Dawson, they have come through a lot and use humor alot and have a message to give to the world to inspire others with comedy entwined to be uplifting.

With Romance I always loved romance first thanks to Jane Austen and Colin Firth as Mr Darcy when I was young so Regency is definitely my first love, Medical I got hooked on just after I was poorly in honour of those who along with my husband fought to save me so I could be here today I adore Medical romance you will notice me often say Love is the best medicine it truly is. I also love Paranormal romance and sci-fi romance ones would find me not reading are bdsm books I’m no prude at all but I want the story of the couple not fifty shades of grey lol it’s not for me.


So that’s me I hope you will like my reviews along with my sisters, I hope you find plenty of book recommendations, also new authors to start stalking in the best possible  way. Author friends thank you always you keep me sane you will never realise how much you do for me by sharing your gift of story telling with the world, I truly do thank you always. My fellow Review Sisters thank you for friending me in the first place love to you all xxxxx.

Shell Cunliffe

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Hi I’m Shell I am one of The 5 Review Sisters, we got together because of our love of reading romances.  My love for romances started when I was 12 and have loved reading them ever since.  My biggest love is Mills and Boon and this year I became a Insider which means I read and review books.  These are the books I like reading:  Modern, Historical and Regency, Blaze, Desire, Cherish and Medieval.  I also like reading Historical and Regency Romances from other authors that don’t write for M&B, I also like reading HOT Historical and Regency Romances as well.  I’m also a carer for my disabled husband and doing the Insiders is something that fits in when my husband is feeling poorly.  I also have my own blog which is you are more than welcome to view my blog at anytime.


Alison Pearson

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Hi everyone, I am Alison Pearson one of The 5 Review Sisters.
I am an avid reader and reviewer. I am also a Mills & Boon addict through and through. I love all the series of books from M&B and would be very happy to review any title should authors wish to get in touch.

My second love is psychological thrillers and mystery books, so my reviews for those will also be posted on here. Any authors of these who would like me to review their book please also get in touch as I would be happy to review for you if I am able.

I will also be dipping my toe into other historical and contemporary romances and occasional christian fiction too.

I suffer with ME and Fibro so no longer work and have lots of time to devote to reading.

I am a crazy cat lady, bookaholic, coffee and chocolate addict too. And I also love a glass of wine while I am enjoying a good book.

I hope you will enjoy reading my reviews!

Welcome To The Review Sisters Blog.

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Welcome to The Review Sisters Blog

We are five, firm friends who all share a love of reading and sharing our thoughts on the books we have read. We all come from different back grounds and we span the generations, we have knowledge, wisdom and creativity within our ranks. We write thought-provoking, helpful, intelligent and honest reviews.

All five of us are reviewers in our own right, and as you will come to learn we each review on our own blogs or on Goodreads. Between the five of us we have been reviewing and blogging for a number of years.

We set this blog up as a place we can get together and share each of our reviews with not just each other but everyone.

We all predominantly read Romance in some form or another, so this blog will be made up of a lot of Romance whether that be Historical or Contemporary but I’m sure there will be other genres mixed in there somewhere.

So who are The Review Sisters?

Amy Ella

Amy is our budding writer, when she isn’t reading or reviewing she is busy wrestling her adorable son. She is a lover of all things romance, especially all things Mills and Boons. She is owner of the much book blog Mills and Boon Book Reviews and Chat. 

Alison Pearson

Alison is another of our Mills and Boon reviewers, she is a dedicated Cat owner, coffee drinker and Chocolate eater and a well-respected member of the Mills and Boons Review Community. She is the owner of book review blog

Frankie Reviews

Frankie is our tea drinking, “Jack of all Trades”. She is an avid Historical Romance reader, an eclectic but proud Yorkshire lass who is the founder and owner of book review blog Chick’s Rogue’s and Scandal’s.

Gwessie Tee

Gwessie is our well-respected and Internationally acclaimed, Goodreads reviewer. She is a well-loved member of the Mills and Boons Insiders review group and Reviews over at Goodreads: Gwessie Tee.

Shell Cunliffe

Shell is our fifth Mills and Boons Insider, she is another proud tea drinking, Yorkshire Lass who. She is a well-respected and much-loved member of The Mills and Boons Insiders community who reviews on her blog Boonies123

So I hope you will keep dropping by, we are going to be posting a lot of reviews.