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Heart of Stone.



Blurb :

Dublin, 1730

When young and beautiful Mary Molesworth is forced to marry Robert Rochford, widowed heir to the earldom of Belfield, she finds that her idea of love is not returned. Jealous, cruel and manipulative, Robert ignores her after she has provided him with a male heir, preferring to spend his nights with his mistress. Power-hungry, Robert builds up a reputation that sees him reach for the highest positions in Ireland.


Caught in an unhappy marriage, Mary begins to grow closer to Robert’s younger brother, Arthur. Acknowledging their love for each other, they will risk everything to be together. But Robert’s revenge threatens their lives and tears them apart.

Will Mary and Arthur find a way to escape Robert’s clutches?

Based on real events, Heart of Stone is a tale of power, jealousy, imprisonment, and love, set in 1740s Ireland.

Review :

Goodreads my rating 5*

Naughtiness 2*

Utterly loved the book, fantastic read and loved it very much, like most books I adore the story John tells am also intrigued by what John may write next.


As always I never give spoilers, that would be unfair to John and potential readers. What I can say is that the book has everything history, a roller coaster of emotion a hero and heroine you most definitely can connect with and I love it has a great page count. I am a greedy reader this was perfect length for me. ( though I know majority of the time it’s the publisher giving out strict word or page counts). I loved the twists and turns the passion, was very connected to our heroine from very early on to the point where I wanted to save her myself. I adore how Johns story played out and the connections to history.


All who love history, passion, intrigue and love will adore this book.


Thank you Lord John for writing this book and the honour of reading it x

ebooks available for pre order for release on 24 Oct £1.99 on kindle 


Shell’s Review of The Offer by Sara Portman

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Lucy Betancourt’s future looks bleak. The daughter of an ailing vicar in a village with no eligible bachelors, her only hope is to find employment as a governess or companion. As she helps her childhood friend, the new Duchess of Worley, through her pregnancy, the ever-practical Lucy makes her plans. But life—in the way of the dashing Bex Brantwood—has something else in store for Lucy…

Upon meeting Bex, the duke’s cousin, Lucy offers herself up to him. But Bex is no family man looking for a governess. And Lucy is not exactly mistress material. Still, the misunderstanding ends in a kiss neither can
forget . . .

Bex finds the proper vicar’s daughter and her most improper proposal endlessly amusing—and attractive. But, saddled with debt, he’s in no position to keep a woman, much less marry one, which is what a woman like Lucy deserves. Little does he know that even with her reputation at stake, Lucy will take the biggest gamble of her life by following her heart—straight into his arms . . .

My Thoughts

As you know this is the second book in the Brides of Beadwell.  This time the story concentrates on Lucy Betancourt who if you remember is the best friend of Emma and John’s cousin Bexley Brantwood.  Again I can highly recommend this book, this series is an absolute must read.  As with all good books we have the baddie and in this book we have two and of course we have a hero who has underlying problems and heroine who feels she doesn’t fit in society, and then Lucy comes up with a plan much to Emma’s disapproval.

My Review

Lucy feels that at twenty-four she has missed getting married because the men in the village are either too young or too old and her parents haven’t got the funds for Lucy to have a season and she also doesn’t have a dowry to offer.  Now you may remember that Emma and Lucy are childhood friends and Lucy often took lessons with Emma when they were children.

But Lucy feels she has now become a burden on her parents, her father is the local vicar and because he has reached an age were he needs extra help he is looking to hire a curate, so Lucy thinks she has leave her parents home.  So Lucy has come up with a plan to either become a companion or a governess.  Now please bear in mind that this what Lucy thinks and she hasn’t voiced this too her parents.

Now Lucy is telling this to Emma who is emptying her stomach (I know gross) at the time…but Emma is expecting a baby and has asked Lucy to stay with her and John until the baby is born.  So poor Emma is trying to relax while Lucy is telling her of her plan, much to Emma’s disgust, and to be honest mine as well.  Lucy is far too good and to inquisitive, to go into any of these positions.

Now we come to the man that changes Lucy in more ways than she thought, this man is Bexley Brantwood cousin to John, I did love how they first meet when Lucy goes into the drawing room to collect her book and she thinks she is talking to Lord Ashby about a position of governess and Bex is thinking that Lucy is offering herself as a mistress, this for me was toeing curling and I wanted to go into the book and get Lucy out of the room.

So back to Bex, he is man will a lot problems mainly how he is going to fund his investments without the funds to do so, that is mainly because his father got into debt, because if you remember John was missing presumed dead, so the dukedom would have fallen to Bex’s grandfather who was next line to inherit.  So Bex’s father was shall we say annoyed that John returned and claimed his inheritance,  but Mr Brantwood senior had got used to the finer things that society offered, so he used Bex’s inheritance to fund this lifestyle.

Now Bex doesn’t find out about this until he asked by John to attend a meeting at Worley house and is confronted by his father and off course he had to admit what he done.  This is were I loved Bex because he refused John’s offer to pay his debts,  the same couldn’t be said of his father who took the money offered by John in his grubby hands.

Now I hear you say they were two baddies, the first I have mentioned Bex’s father.  The second is a woman who I wouldn’t want in my family.  Too understand this woman I have to talk about Lady Constance who has recently returned to London after the death of her husband (she isn’t the baddie), and she befriends Lucy  and with a little encouraging she shows Lucy what she can do.

Lady Constance has a niece called Annabelle and before Constance got married they would often correspond, but then when Constance married a french man and moved too France, the letters slowly stopped and by the Annabelle married they had stopped completely, and Constance was worried that her niece’s husband had somehow intervened her letters.  So she asked Lucy to go on a adventure with her to go to her niece’s home, which they do and also Bex went with them as well, and Lucy and Bex had to pretend to be married.

I hear you say will you please get to the point.  Alright then, Annabelle is so awful and very disrespectful of her Aunt and Lucy is mortified on Lady Constance’s behalf .  There is more to this bit of the story and I don’t want to spoil it too much.

So there we have it.  Lucy’s story and this is a absolute must read.  I will give this book 5/5 stars.

The last book in the series is The Chase, the character in this book made a fleeting appearance in the first book.   So if you have read the  book then you should remember Juliana  Crawford.

You can purchase this book from Amazon on 24th October.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review.

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Scandalous London :Series Bundle,

By Tamara Gill



A Gentleman’s Promise~


Against her better judgement, Charlotte King bows to family duty and marries a man who is not as he seems. Now trapped in a marriage of the worst kind, her life is an endless cycle of pain and fear. That is until Lord Helsing shows her another way to live…


Lord Mason Helsing walked away from the one woman he’d always cared for, but upon returning to London, he finds Charlotte is in a loveless and cruel marriage. Should he throw away the principles by which he lives and follow a different path than he ought?


But divorce for Charlotte means ruination. And Mason is relied upon to marry well and continue his family. Can they overcome the strictures of society and live the life they’ve always wanted? Or will they bow to pressure and do as society deems appropriate?


~A Captain’s Order~


Lady Eloise Bartholomew’s trip to Australia on the shirttails of her adventurous brother ends in tragedy when he dies from a fever. But with the conventions of English society suspended on the high seas, she finds passion and excitement in the arms of a rugged ship’s captain-only to be dumped back into the ton, still burning from the fire ignited in her and the loss of the only man she could ever loved.


More at home on his ship than dallying with the ton, Gabriel Lyons, now the Duke of Dale, intended never to set foot in London again. But when an elder brother dies, and the woman who claimed his heart over his love for the ocean brings him home, he knows he has to face the secrets of his past. He can only pray their love will survive the scandal that sent him away, the lies he has told her, and the duel he must fight for his honor and her hand.


~A Marriage Made in Mayfair~


Miss Suzanna March wished for one thing: the elusive, rakish charmer, Lord Danning. But after a frightful first season such dreams are impossible. That is until she returns to London, a new woman, and one who will not let the ton’s dislike of her stand in her way of gaining what she wants: revenge on the Lord who gave her the cut direct…


Lord Danning, unbeknown to his peers, is in financial strife and desperate to marry an heiress. Such luck would have it Miss Suzanna March fits all his credentials and seduction in his plan of action. Yes, the woman who returned from Paris is stronger, defiant, and a little argumentative, but it does not stop Lord Danning finding himself in awe and protective of her.

But will Suzanna fall for such pretty words from a charmer? Or will Lord Danning prove to Suzanna and himself that she is more than his ticket out of debtor’s prison…?

Review :

Goodreads. My Rating 5*

Naughtiness 3.5*


Reviewing these books all in one as I utterly loved each one in their own right but for exactly the same reasons. Main one being Tamara as always never ever fails to give us amazing stories to read and adore.


I will not give spoilers it would be unfair to Tamara and potential readers how ever what I adored most is that, I was able to comepletely lose myself in the story. I felt as though I was in the story with them rather than just reading. I connected with each character and was able to empathise with them, feel for them, laugh with them, be furious with them and even wept with joy as well as heartbreak as we journeyd to the ending. Each story brilliant in its own right with a roller-coaster of emotions and an ending well deserved.


As always thank you Tamara for writing these awesome stories, and for the honour of reading them.

Available on kindle £3.04

Blog Tour Vivian Conroy #LadyAlkmene

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Blog Tour for Fatal Masquerade

Vivian Conroy’s #4 1920s Cosy Mystery Series



Lady Alkmene and Jake Dubois are back in a gripping new adventure facing dangerous opponents at a masked ball in the countryside.


Masked danger…


Lady Alkmene Callender has always loved grand parties, but when she receives an invitation to a masked ball thrown by Franklin Hargrove – oil magnate, aviation enthusiast and father of her best friend, Denise – she’s never seen such luxury. The estate is lit up with Chinese lanterns in the gardens, boats operated by footmen float across the pond and the guest list features the distinguished, rich and powerful!


But below the glamour, evil is lurking. When a dead body is discovered, it forces Lady Alkmene to throw off her mask and attempt to find the true killer before Denise’s family are accused. If only her partner, Jake Dubois, weren’t hiding something from her…


This case might just be more dangerous than either of them could have imagined.

Review :

Goodreads my Rating 5*

Naughtiness 1*


Absutely fantastic read . The more books I read by Vivian the more I’m becoming addicted and I’m already collecting and seriously wondering if Vivian is a reincarnation of Agatha Christie, these books are fantastic.


As always I will not give spoilers but will say that this story grips you and pulls you in and in many directions, one moment you think know, then something else comes in and your back to square one, in the best possible water, it keeps you guessing at, who what when where and why. Utterly brilliant and I cant wait to read more and still very much shipping Alkmene and Jake.


Thank you truly for writing this book Vivian and offering me the chance of reading it xxx

Available today on kindle £1.99

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Wild Lily.

By Cerise DeLand



Money can buy anything, can’t it? Those brash Americans—their dollars and charms work wonders. Until they learn that money can buy anything…but love.


Lily Hanniford has all the qualities an impoverished nobleman could want in a wife. She’s beautiful, educated and funny. Too bad, she’s an American with a shrewd, wily father and has a penchant for riding astride like a man. But she’s unwilling to be sold to the highest-ranking nobleman. She wants a purpose in life…other than presiding over a drafty castle and a loveless marriage bed. Then she accidentally meets a man she can’t resist.


Julian Ash, Marquess of Chelton, doesn’t need a wife. He needs luck at cards…or a way to persuade Killian Hanniford to pay more for his family’s shipping line. But Lily is charming and her wild streak appeals to Julian who has always followed the society’s rules. Now he discovers that being wild with Lily is not only fun, it’s necessary to his life. And so is she.


They struggle to throw convention to the wind. But can they be wildly happy together if they can’t heal old wounds?

Review :

Goodreads my rating 5*


Naughtiness 3 *


Fantastic read very much loved this book and can’t wait to read more, was honoured to receive this book as an arc for review and utterly loved it.


As always I will not give spoilers there are teasers in the blurb, what I will say is that I loved this book very much, were taken on a far journey and adventure with many twists and turns at a fantastic pace, it was easy to fully connect with the characters and iadmit there are a few in here I would love to meet at dawn and run through for being despicable and others I wept with in joy aswell as dispair. It is easy to get engrossed and escape into the world Cerise has set as the story plays out and I cant wait to read more in future.


Thank you Cerise for writing this beautiful book and giving me the chance to read it xxx

available from today £3.99 on kindle

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Lady Charlotte’s Christmas Vigil.

By Caroline Warfield


Blurb :

Love is the best medicine and the sweetest things in life are worth the wait, especially at Christmastime in Venice for a stranded English Lady and a handsome physician.


Lady Charlotte clings to one dream—to see the splendor of Rome before settling for life as the spinster sister of an earl. But now her feckless brother forces her to wait again, stranded in Venice when he falls ill, halfway to the place of her dreams. She finds the city damp, moldy, and riddled with disease.


As a physician, Salvatore Caresini well knows the danger of putrid fever. He lost his young wife to it, leaving him alone to care for their rambunctious children. He isn’t about to let the lovely English lady risk her life nursing her brother.


But Christmas is coming, that season of miracles, and with it, perhaps, lessons for two lonely people: that love heals the deepest wounds and sometimes the deepest dreams aren’t what we expect..

Review :

Goodreads My  Rating 5*

Naughtiness 1*


As always beautiful story and even more magical in a Christmas setting, absolutely adore it and hope I see more of them in the future.


As always I will not give spoilers you already have lots of teasing in the blurb, what I will say is that this adorable story had me enchanted from the get go. Due to family I had to put the book down for a while but then came right back and finished it, truly glad I did definitely a magic in the air and that along with love blossoming was perfect, there is a huge range of emotions as you are drawn in with each part of the book you feel how they feel, fear what they fear but also love what they love.


I am very much a believer in love being the best medicine this beautiful story definitely is a true example of how magical love can be and definitely the best medicine the world has.


Thank you so much Caroline for writing this beautiful book and for making it possible to read it


Available on kindle for pre order £0.99p released ok October 20


Shell’s Review for Secret Lessons With The Rake by Julia Justiss

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51agJ7o2PvLThis is the 4th book in a series for Mills and Boon Historical, called Hadley Hellions.

My Review

This is the first book that I have read by Julia Justiss and yes I have read the last book first… but that didn’t bother me, because I felt you got know the other characters without having to read the previous books.

Oh my word how I loved this book, and I will deify anyone that doesn’t like Christopher yes he is a rake but he’s a lovable one and is very loyal to his close friends, but now that he is a member of parliament he now wants to have a respectable marriage and in order to do that he knows he has to marry a respectable lady.  The only problem with that is Christopher clearly has a soft spot for Ellie, especially when she gives him lessons on how to court ladies properly.

Ellie is a strong woman, well she had be in the circumstances that lead her to be Lord Summerville’s mistress…but Ellie also has a warm and very loving heart, and she lost her heart to Christopher not much after she became Summerville’s mistress.  During the course of the lessons the attraction between Christopher and Ellie becomes a lot stronger.

Now I don’t want to give too much away, but Christopher becomes to realise that Ellie is hiding a secret and let me say this Ellie’s mother (if you can call her that) and her Aunt Marion should be absolutely ashamed of themselves…but their is one good thing that comes out of this, which really makes Ellie happy, and you will have to get the book to find out.  During the course of the book Ellie does realise that she has friends who are willing to help not just her but Christopher as well.

I can recommend this book and I would give 4/5 stars.  You can purchase the book now from Amazon.

I received this book from the author in return for a honest review.