Shell’s Review The Undercover Duke by Jess Michaels

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51IUIlHcbtLLucas Vincent may be the Duke of Willowby but he’s never acted as such. He’s been too busy working for the War Department as a spy. But years of dangerous work has finally caught up to him and he was involved in a violent attack that nearly killed him. Forced home, his angry, aggressive desire to get back in the field and find out to who betrayed him is keeping him from healing.

Diana Oakford was raised by a physician who served the King’s War Department and she knows better than most the dangers that job entails. She was also trained in healing, so when she’s asked to come and assist with Lucas’s recovery she has a hard time refusing.

Once they’re alone together an unexpected connection begins to grow between these two people who have fought their emotions all their lives and more begins to heal than just Lucas’s broken body. But just when they start to believe they could find some kind of happiness, the past rears its ugly head and Lucas will have to choose between the life he once led and the woman who has changed his world.



I make no apologises for the gushing review, I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again, this series is fantastic and just gets better and better.

I found this book slightly different to the other books, when I mean different that’s good not bad.  Because this book concentrates on Lucas and Diana, which for reasons that will be explained, we find out why he became a spy, and why they both have secrets.

Normally the other dukes and their wife’s are in the background but in this one they don’t appear until much further in the book.  Which for me was lovely because I got to know Lucas and Diana, without his friends being there.

In other reviews I would normally give little snippets of the story, because they are secrets in this one, it really would spoil the book.

For me this book is a must read and comes highly recommended so I give this book 5/5 stars, I really wish I could give more, because this book does deserve more stars.

This book is available to buy from Amazon and all other retailers on 27th March

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review.


Shell’s Review As The Devil Dares by Anna Harrington

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When playing a game of wits, never ever go up against the woman they call the Hellion . . .
Whether it’s business or pleasure, Lord Robert Carlisle never backs down from a dare. But finding a husband for scandalous Mariah Winslow? It’s one challenge he instantly regrets accepting. Even with all his connectionsand rakish charmsRobert will have to use every trick in the book to marry off a woman with no dowry and no sense of decorum…no matter how stunningly beautiful she is.
Mariah Winslow has no intention of being a pawn in Lord Robert’s game. She knows he agreed to play matchmaker only to secure a partnership in her father’s shipping company, a partnership that’s rightfully hers. For now, though, she’ll dress for the elegant balls he throws and dance with the eligible bachelors he chooses. But she won’t be outwitted by the devil himselfno matter how tempting and irresistible she finds him.
I have been a fan of Anna’s books since I read Dukes are Forever (The Secret Life of Scoundrels Book 1).  Three years ago and have followed all the characters, through there own books ever since.

So when the opportunity arose that I was given the chance to review As The Devil Dares, I wasn’t going to turn it down.
Out of all the Carlisle books.  This book I could relate too the most, because my mum passed away when I was young.  In the book Mariah was a little girl, I wasn’t that young I was in my late teens, but I do remember the guilt and anger that comes with the grief.  But everyone deals with the loss of a loved one, in different ways.

This is what happens to Robert, who is carrying the guilt of his father’s death and is constantly trying to seek his approval, what Robert doesn’t realise is that his father was proud of him when he was alive and was still proud of him when he died.

So let me tell you about this wonderful book.  Mariah desperately wants to run her father’s shipping business, but her father has different plans for Mariah and her sister Evelyn, because when her mother was dying her father made a promise that Mariah would become a proper lady.  Now for this to happen Mariah needs to have a season, well she has six of them and coming into her seventh and Evelyn has had five, but no offers have come forward for either of them.

But because Mariah is such a strong and feisty woman, she and her sister have caused a lot of trouble, nothing serious just mischief, like driving a phaeton on St Jame’s Street, so in society Mariah is called the hellion.  But underneath Mariah has a warm and loving heart, who loved being at Gatewell School, because that is where she feels closest to her mother, but she also loves her father and sister.

But she also feels that since her mother’s death, there is a distance between her father and herself.  Because when she was a little girl, she was always with her father in the shipping office, either playing on the floor, and when she was older her father gave her some jobs to do.

So it comes as a complete surprise when her father introduces her to Robert Carlisle, who is the man that is tasked with finding Mariah a suitable husband and for this Robert hopes to be a partner with Henry Winslow.  So Robert has to get the help of his mother, to help Mariah get the best invitations and the best gowns.

So what can I say about Robert, well he is a lovable rake, which I’ve already said is carrying a lot of guilt.  As with Mariah, Robert loves his family dearly and this shows when he climbs a tree for his niece Clara, to save her kitten Daisy.

For me this book definitely pulled at the heart strings, I loved the humour and I cried along with Robert and Mariah.

I will give this book 5/5 stars.  This book is available to buy from Amazon on 6th March.

I received this complementary copy in return for a honest review.

Gwessie’s Review

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Her Las Vegas Wedding.

By Andrea Bolter



Blurb :

From a convenient fiance…


To an inconvenient attraction!


When hotel heiress Audrey Girard’s safe, convenient wedding to a business partner is called off, she’s left to contend with her ex-fiance’s brother–wild, brooding chef Shane Murphy. And there’s certainly nothing safe about Audrey’s attraction to Shane–every day they work together is even more dangerously tempting! Could there be a Las Vegas wedding in the cards after all?

Review : Goodread my rating 5 *

Naughtiness 2 *


Wow, sometimes you read a book and just melt because it’s so lovely, this is most definitely one of them, beautiful read.


I won’t give spoilers and there are twists and turns that are taken along the way, but our hero and heroine are definitely perfect for each other even if they are a lil stubborn at first.

Absolutely adore the ending and had a huge grin during the epilogue.


Thank you so much Andrea for writing this beautiful book and giving the honour of reading it

Shell’s Review Lady Cecily and the Mysterious Mr. Gray by Janice Preston

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Love or family…
How can she choose between them?
Lady Cecily Beauchamp has always put her family first. Until she falls under the spell of the mysterious Zachary Gray—a man of Romany descent. Knowing her family will forbid their match, Cecily steels herself to do her duty and marry elsewhere. Only she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Zach as the spark between them ignites a passion neither can deny!
Normally I wouldn’t have read this book just yet, but when Janice sent me the book she teased me with some names from the book and of course my curiosity got the better of me, and I’m so pleased it did.
If you have been following the Beauchamp series, then you will know all about Leo (sigh) and Vernon.  This time we are following Cecily who if you remember is their younger sister, and from the age of seventeen has helped to bring up Leo’s children Dominic, Alex and Olivia from his first marriage.
But now that Leo has married Rosalind and Vernon has recently married Thea.  Cecily feels she has lost her place in the family and at thirty she knows, she will be invisible to the men of the ton.  Its while Cecily is at Vernon’s wedding that she meets Zach.
I must point out, please don’t think that Cecily isn’t a strong woman, because she is, she just feels she hasn’t a purpose in the family now that her nephews and niece are now grown.  So Cecily comes up with a plan, to get married to a man, who appears on the outside to be a respectable gentleman, but underneath he is horrible.
As you know if you have been following my reviews of the Beauchamp’s, then you know how much I love Leo.  Unfortunately this time Leo is now second to Zach, so what can I say about Zach, apart from he is utterly gorgeous.  He is a man who was born into one world, but had to go into another when hi father died, but he is a man who is so kind and gentle, and not just Cecily.  But when Zach is pushed he will defend himself, but not in a violent way.
As I was reading the description about Zach, he reminded me of Aidan Turner…which I’m pleased to say Janice did confirm for me.  Now you know why Leo has come second.
As I said at the beginning, Janice teased me with some names, so I will share the names, first we have Athena, Myrtle, Sancho Panza and Titan.  Two of these I would love to have.

Also in the book, we get to see Olivia, her book is next.  She is going to be a minx and I can see Leo being a very over protective father.  He was also tried to be a over protective brother, and I can understand why, but he had to trust Cecily and I was so pleased he did.  I just adored the ending of the book, and it made cry because it was so beautiful.

As you can gather I adored this book and I will definitely give it 5/5 stars, if I could give more I would.

This book is on pre-order at Amazon and is released on 3rd May.

The next book is Lady Olivia And The Infamous Rake, this book is on pre-order at Amazon and is released on 23rd August, this is book 4 in the Beauchamp series.

I received this ARC from the author in return for a honest review.

Shell’s Review From Governess To Countess by Marguerite Kaye

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The scandalous truth…
She’s the Count’s new mistress!
In this Matches Made in Scandal story Count Aleksei Derevenko hires governess Allison Galbraith for her skills as a herbalist, not as a mistress! But when rumours spread Allison is shocked by her wanton reaction to Aleksei. His inscrutable icy blue eyes promise white-hot nights of sin! She knows too well how fragile her reputation is, but will the price of their passion be worth paying?
This is book one in the Matches Made in Scandal.  The best way to describe this book is that its a romance with a hint of murder mystery, which for me was a brilliant and this book is a must read and comes highly recommended.

Alison has a kind heart and will help anyone, that is until she was ruined and she had to live in exile, but she also has a strong mind, and this shown throughout the book.  And its while she is living in her cottage, that The Procurrer arrives with a offer to work as a Governess for Count Aleksei Derevenko in St. Petersburg.

Oh Aleksei is just gorgeous, who I adored from first meeting him in the book.  And now that his brother and sister in law have recently died, he needs help with his nieces and nephew oh and their dog, who sounds utterly adorable.  But because the children’s original governess has disappeared Aleksei feels somethings just don’t add up.

What I also loved about the book was the way Marguerite describe St. Petersburg and the palace, I could see it in all its glory, which for me makes me part of the book.

I give this book a definite.

This book can be purchased from Amazon and all other retailers.

The next book in this series is From Courtesan To Convenient Wife and on pre-order at Amazon and is released on 22nd March.

I received this ARC from the author in return for a honest review.

Gwessie’s Review

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From Governess to Countess.

By Margeurite Kaye


Blurb :

The scandalous truth about the count’s new mistress! A Matches Made in Scandal story Count Aleksei Derevenko has hired governess Allison Galbraith for her skills as a herbalist, not a mistress! But when rumors spread, Allison is more shocked by her wanton reaction to Aleksei–inscrutable and impossibly handsome, his icy blue eyes promise white-hot nights of sin. She knows too well how fragile her reputation is, but will the price of their passion be worth paying?


Review :Goodreads my rating 5 *

Naughtiness 3. 5*


Utterly beautiful, most definitely another series starting brilliantly as I’m sure they all will be. Definitely enchanting and I truly adored getting to know our characters, our Heroine and Hero most deservedly of each other as are the characters around them.


As always I will not give spoilers, those who love historical romance, scandals, feisty smart heroines, and mysterious goings on will adore this book as much as I have and definitely recommend it highly and cannot wait for the next in the series.


Thank you so very much Lady Margeurite for writing this awesome book and for the honour to read it. Xx

Shell’s Review Wicked Captive (Regency Sinner’s 5) by Carole Mortimer

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51Cj4lKwkmLLord Jericho Black, the Marquis of Wessex, is not looking forward to the visit of his ward, Lady Jocelyn Forbes, to his Devonshire home.

Jocey is not actually Jericho’s ward but his father’s. But as his father lives permanently in Scotland, and is considered to be eccentric by polite members of Society and more than a little strange by the majority, Jericho has taken it upon himself to act as Jocey’s guardian in his father’s stead these past three years.

A bachelor of five and thirty, Jericho finds the role of guardian to a young lady difficult enough at the best of times, but finding himself charged with the unpleasant duty of proving or disproving whether Jocey is guilty of treason, is going to make this visit even more taxing than usual.

Jocey is looking forward to seeing and being with Lord Jericho Black again, the man she has secretly been in love with since he became her guardian when she reached the age of eighteen. She is no longer that gauche and awkward young girl, and she is determined Jericho will now see her as a desirable woman, and worthy of his attention.

From the moment Jocey arrives in Devon, even more beautiful than Jericho remembers her to be, and possessed of the sophistication and confidence of a woman who knows her own mind, Jericho quickly realizes it is not irritation he now feels toward Jocey but desire. A desire he is finding it more and more difficult to resist.

When Jericho receives the shocking news of one close friend’s unexpected death, and the serious injury of another, it becomes imperative he learn the truth as quickly as possible, so as to avoid more blood being shed.

Even if it requires Jericho make Jocey his prisoner and seduce the truth from her.


So this is book 5, normally I go into great detail when I’m doing my reviews…but for this one I can’t give too much away, because it would spoil the book.

This series has been a joy to read, and I’m always looking forward to the next book.  So in this book we meet Lord Jericho Black, the Marquis of Wessex, who with his friends formed the Sinners, and its now down to Jericho to find the spy.  And the name he has is his ward Jocey.

Jocey is one of those girls, that she wears her heart on her sleeve and she has had a crush on Jericho for quite awhile, and because she has been in London for her season and then onto France to visit her mother’s relatives, its been some months since Jericho has seen her and when he does, he is amazed at her transformation.

Gone is gauche young girl and in her place is a beautiful woman, I mean what was Jericho expecting, that Jocey would stay a young girl.  And for both of them there is an instant attraction, but because Jericho has to find out if Jocey is the spy, things become complicated, and not just matters of the heart, but also from the Sinners.

As with all of Carole’s books if you don’t like explicit language and sexual content then these books are not for you.

For me this book is a



This book is available to buy from Amazon and all other retailers.

The next book is Wicked Temptation (Regency Sinners 6) and is available for pre-order at Amazon and is released on 27th April.