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Gwessie’s Review

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Captive For The Sheikhs Pleasure.

By Carol Marinelli



His sinful desert seduction…


Sheikh Ilyas al-Razim was born to be king. He won’t let anything stand in his way, especially not the waitress daring to think she can blackmail him! It’s his duty to protect his family’s honor—even if it means taking impossibly stunning Maggie Delaney as his hostage…


Beneath the starlit skies of Zayrinia’s desert, defiant Maggie convinces Ilyas she is innocent of his accusations. No longer his prisoner, Maggie is free to return home…yet now she’s held captive by their smoldering raw desire! Dare she surrender to the pleasure this desert prince promises?



  Review :

Goodreads my rating  5*

Naughtiness 3*


Absolutely fantastic read, as always beautifully done, must admit love contemporary Sheikh romances definitely one of my top ten tropes.


As always I will not give spoilers, what I will say is that as always Carol definitely does not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed this book literally read in one go as was captivated from very early on, I do hope our heros brother finds love very soon too.


Thank you Carol for another amazing read and #millsandbooninsiders for requesting I read this awesome book.


Gwessie’s Review

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The Nurses Special  Delivery.

By Louisa George


Blurb :

When nurse Abbie Cook meets gorgeous Scottish paramedic Callum Baird there’s an instant attraction. But the timing couldn’t be more wrong…


Abbie’s best friend Emma is about to give birth to a longed-for surrogate baby for her. And Callum has responsibilities at home that mean he can’t commit to Abbie .


As Christmas approaches Callum and Abbie cannot deny the passion between them. But will the sudden arrival of baby Gracie give them the miracle they long for?


The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Best friends, a surrogate baby, and a chance for love…

Review :

Goodreads my rating 5*

Naughtiness 3*


Fantastic read, beautiful and captivating from the first page.


As always I will not give spoilers, I will say though there are many twists and turns in this beautiful book that helps both our hero and heroine on their way to recovery, from heart breaking to heartwarming.


Thank you dear lady for writing it and thank you Mills and Boon for recommending it 💕


Gwessie’s Review

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Wyoming Winter.

By Diana Palmer



Blurb :


Cultivating his vast Wyoming ranch is all security expert J. C. Calhoun wants. His land is the only thing the betrayed rancher can trust in after discovering his fiancee was pregnant by another man. But all J.C. holds dear becomes compromised when a lost little girl leads him to Colie Jackson, the woman who destroyed his life.


Colie stops at nothing to protect the people she loves. Years ago she left J.C. for his own good. Now, for the sake of her daughter, she must depend on a hard-hearted man who won’t forgive her. As a band of ruthless criminals tracks their every move through the frozen Wyoming winter, Colie and J.C. will be forced to confront the lies that separated them–and the startling truth that will bind them forever…


Review :

Goodreads my rating 5*

Naughtiness 3*


Absolutely beautiful, it’s been a little while since I’ve read a Diana Palmer book, but wow it did not disappoint me at all, utterly fantastic.


As always I will not give spoilers but, I can say if you love cowboys, romance, adventure with some humour characters you will root for, a hero and heroine who both have many things to overcome but an amazing journey on the way then you will love this, I also having read many of Diana’s books in the past recognised lots of names and cameo appearances to which I was thrilled to have updates on.



Thank you so much dear lady for writing it and #millsandbooninsiders for offering me the chance to read it


Shell’s Review of A Christmas Bride for the King by Abby Green

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513js24aGILMy Review

I’m a big fan of Abby’s books and this one didn’t disappoint,  this is the second book in this series.

At first I thought I wouldn’t like Salim, and as I carried on reading Abby worked her magic and by the end of the book I loved Salim.

Charlotte comes across as prim and proper, and she’s not keen on Christmas (I mean how can you not like Christmas).  But Charlotte does have a reason for this, but you will have to read the book to find out.

Charlotte soon looses the prim and proper look, when she and Salim have to shelter from a sandstorm when they are visiting tribe people in the desert.

As you will remember Salim had a twin sister, who died when she was young.  Luckily that question is answered in the book and we find out why Salim doesn’t want to be king.

For me the big question is does Salim want Zafir as his brother or would he want to be alone in his kingdom.  And for that question to be answered you will just have to read the book.

I will give this 5/5 stars and this comes highly recommeded.

This book is available to buy from Amazon and all other retailers.

I received this ARC from the author in return for a honest review.

Gwessie’s Review

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Merry an Bright – a Nocturne Falls Universe Anthology. 

By  Fiona Roarke, Jax Cassidy, Kira Nyte, Wynter Daniels, Candace Colt, Alethea Kontis, Cate Dean, Larissa Emerald, Sela Carsen.



Blurb :

The nine holiday stories in this collection:


Have Yourself a Merry Little Alien by Fiona Roarke

Draeken and Stella Phoenix are celebrating Christmas in Nocturne Falls with a festive holiday party in their new vacation home. Each has a big surprise for the other, but all’s fair in love and secret Christmas presents. Right?


The Wizard’s Mistletoe Magic by Jax Cassidy

Sent on a holiday gift giving mission, Kearney Maclachlan, wizard and royal bodyguard, reluctantly returns to Nocturne Falls where a fateful encounter with intuitive street artist Kaia Wyntir takes them on a journey to reclaim past memories and truths that may finally melt a warrior’s frozen heart. Unexpected miracles lead to everlasting love, all thanks to a kiss under the mistletoe.


A Dragon’s Christmas Mayhem by Kira Nyte

Firestorm dragon Zareh is a Christmas virgin, but that doesn’t stop him from doing his best to conjure up the perfect holiday celebration for his beloved lifemate, Kaylae. The fact she’s keeping something from him is tearing him apart. Their ancient enemies could strike at any time, bringing with them menace and mayhem. But that’s a tangible enemy. Can their love overcome some unexpected Christmas mayhem of the personal kind?


The Mistletoe Misstep by Wynter Daniels

Psychic hairdresser Amethyst Powers wants to keep the peace in her quarrelsome family, even if that means dating the wealthy vampire who could help her father’s fledgling business. She’ll get over the great guy she really likes. Superhuman mechanic, Dustin can’t believe his luck. When the purple-haired siren who broke up with him gets stuck, he helps her out. They share an intimate dinner, and one amazing kiss. But is she willing to buck her family’s wishes in the name of love? Sometimes all it takes is one part mistletoe and one part luck.


The Psychics Say I Do by Candace Colt

Cousins Brianna Putnam and Jess Callahan are headed to the altar to wed the handsome falcon-shifter Ford brothers. But when the brides’ plans run amok, even their psychic powers can’t undo the chaos. The entire town pitches in to help, but will it be enough to pull off their Christmas dream weddings?


The Meddlesome Misadventures of Merri and Bright by Alethea Kontis

Fairy Merri Larousse never intended to become one half of a famous prankster/matchmaking duo with winter elf Polaris Brighton. Little did they know, the best match they would make would be their own!


The Sorcerer’s Christmas Miracle by Cate Dean

Tami Bennett came to Nocturne Falls to help her best friend, Lidia. It was supposed to be temporary – until she laid eyes on Jack Cross, sorcerer. As much as she wants to deny it, she’s falling for him. When Lidia’s werewolf fiancé is in trouble, Tami asks for Jack’s help. She knows that if he succeeds, she could lose her only excuse to stay – and lose the one man who has come close to stealing her heart.


The Witch’s Snow Globe Wish by Larissa Emerald

When a letter is delivered by mistake to clairvoyant witch Telia Kraft, she must return it to its rightful recipient, a handsome vampire neighbor, the very guy she had dated over the summer until he dropped her without a word. Jake Newburg is shocked to learn of his brother’s upcoming Christmas wedding in Nocturne Falls and rashly asks Telia to accompany him to the event. For once, he needs to stop second-guessing himself.


Magic’s Frost by Sela Carsen

Lonely werewolf Dima Samarin looks forward to watching his favorite winter elf every morning at the Hallowed Bean. He rescues her unfinished novel from the perils of spilled cocoa, and becomes her hero.

Review :

Goodreads my Rating 5*

Naughtiness 3 *


Wow definitely doesn’t cover how much I loved these stories. I pretty much knew I’d love this anthology but absolutely love it a lot more than I thought I would if that is even possible.


Every single story in this anthology blew me away in the best possible sense, I definitely cried a few times for the best reasons. Loved seeing so many characters aswell as older characters already well established by Kristen before there was a universe.


All the authors brilliant as always have done themselves proud and I very highly recommend this anthology.


Thank you all you amazing authors, who have brought this very awesome anthology together xxxxx.

Available now.

Gwessie’s Review

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Daring Widow.

By Cerise DeLand



Blurb :




Marianne Roland is a widow who has left behind her past including memories of an intemperate husband and the hardships of the American civil war. Now she enjoys the comforts her wealthy Uncle Killian bestows on all his family. As she watches others fall in love, she decides to find an amusing lover for herself, but only for one enchanting night.


Andre Claude Marceau, Duc de Remy and Prince d’Aumale, finds Marianne’s joie de vivre enchanting—and her plan for a temporary affair with him impossible.


He offers her one night in his arms, and to his delight, she craves another. But he needs more from her than a few hours of bliss. When he shows her how to fill her days with passions that complement those they enjoy together at night, Marianne must choose.


Will she insist on a passing fancy? Or will she abandon the terrors of her past to embrace a brighter future beside a man who offers her a grand love affair with life?


Goodreads My Rating 5*

Naughtiness 4*


Absolutely awesome, are words that come to my mind in regards to this book, the sister book to Wild Lily and second in the series, I utterly love it.


The balance between story adventure love and everything else packed beautifully I to this book are brilliant. Must admit cried more than once, but for opposing reasons as I was feeling very much for our heroine from very early on even in the previous book.


This story very much captivates, pulls you in then doesn’t want to let you go even at the end of the book you want more, I’m so glad this is not the end of the series and cannot wait to read more.



Brilliantly done as always Cerise Thankyou dear lady. Xxx

Released December 1st

Shell’s Review of Buying His Bride of Convenience by Michelle Smart

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51lxOjrUm2LMy Review

This is the third and last book in Michelle’s mini series.

In this book we meet Daniele, who has always been the happy go lucky type of guy, but then Pieta died in the helicopter crash.  Which then changed Daniele’s life forever, and he had a lot more responsibility.

But there is one thing that Daniele won’t do and that’s getting married, he just simply refuses to do it.

That is until he meets Eva Bergen, who is with the Blue Train Aid Agency, on the Caribbean island of Caballeros.  As you may remember from the last book, this is the island that the hospital is being built in Pieta’s name.

To me Eva comes across as a strong feisty woman but she also has a secret, but underneath she just wants to be cherished and loved.  The first meeting with Daniele doesn’t go to planned, he spent the whole evening flirting with Eva, but doesn’t really get to know her.

I can’t really go into much detail, because that would spoil the book.  All I will say is Daniele offers Eva a deal, which is so romantic (NOT).  For me this book was fantastic, I loved every second of this book and highly recommend it.

For me this book is 5/5 stars.  This book available to buy from and all other retailers.

I received this ARC copy from the author in return for a honest review.