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Feature Post Lea Kirk

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Introducing new friend and Author Lea Kirk.

First a review of Lea Kirk’s book Made for Her, and then a feature I hope some friends fellow readers especially and author friends may help with.

I was lucky to recently attend a book release party and win an ecopy of Made for Her, later as happens the lovely author asked if I liked it could I please leave a review. Unless someone knows me I don’t if doing boom release parties let on that I review unless specificly asked now so that others won’t think it’s unfair if I win one. I mentioned that I blog and will soon I hope be doing a feature for aground of ladies who fundraiser, she mentioned a fundraiser I asked if I could have the information to add to this review to make it a feature and spread the possibility of raising more to help. Earlier I mentioned many cancers have touched my loved ones and dear friends, my cousin is currently fighting to beat breast cancer in particular. All cancer needs to be stopped and hopefully in a more effective way that doesn’t cause more harm to the body of the person fighting it. I know some survivors and some who did not. In this day and age cancer should not be an issue I hope a vaccine for all cancers can be found in our life times for future generations and that greedy pharmaceutical companies stop charging the souls merely fighting for their lives and the right to live.

First I give you Gwessie’s Review of

Made For Her.

By Kea Kirk


Blurb :

Vampires and faeries and snake-shifters. Oh, my!


Donnie McAllister’s dream job turns into a nightmare when she discovers her boss isn’t as human as he seems. Racing against time to return a legendary dagger to the land of the Fae, she must rely on a dangerously sexy vampire to navigate a world she never knew existed. Because if she doesn’t deliver, it’ll cost Donnie her life and leave the ancient weapon of untold power in the hands of her corrupt, venomous boss.


Four hundred years ago one man destroyed everyone vampire Mikhail Cherneski held dear. Now his nemesis is after Donnie, the human woman whose blood calls to Mikhail like no other. For she means more to him than a simple snack to satisfy his despicable eternal thirst. When Mikhail comes face-to-face with his enemy, he must risk his immortal life or watch Donnie suffer the same fate as his family.


Review :

Goodreads my rating 5*

Naughtiness 3*


Absolutely loved this book very much, actually read it in one go I could not put it down I loved it that much and was completely drawn in to the story with the characters, to the point where I felt I was a bystander with them and helping our hero and heroine on their journey.


I as always never give spoilers as it’s unfair to both the author who’s took the time to write a Blurb with enough to draw a reader and is also unfair to spoil the story for potential reader’s.

What I will say that from the end of the first few pages I was completely drawn in and lost all concept if time which is what I believe percent book should do. I literally stopped at the end of the story and was totally buzzed, even though it was close to 4am, lol, seriously though it’s a brilliant read and I can honestly say I haven’t read another book like this with regards to what happens or the mix of paranormals which I also loved. I do very much hope there are more of Lea’s books featuring these characters and their stories.


Lea is a new author to me so I will be looking and collecting more of Lea’s title’s but I most definitely can’t wait to read more. Thank you for writing this awesome book and giving me the chance to read it.

Available on Kindle Worlds


The future is pink,

Our books are, too

We’re fighting breast cancer,

With a little help from you. 

10% of October proceeds from the books listed will benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

All of the authors involved have been affected or touched by cancer and like myself would clearly love to give it one hell of a kick stop help rid the world of it. Please if you can either share the news of this happening or even buy one or some of these awesome books and help that way. Help make a difference.



The books and where they are sold are on this link including messages from each of the authors please read them an help if you can.

Love and Hugs

Gwessie 💕



Gwessie’s Review

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My Viking Wolf.

By Gwessie Knight



How to Ruin Your Wedding Day: 101


1.  Wake up in a stranger’s bed.

2.  Learn he’s an assassin hired to kill you.

3.  Fall in love with said assassin.

4.  Kill rat-bastard fiancé.


Reagan Compton trusts two things in life: her pack and her blade. Love never once registered on her radar. Until she meets the shadow wolf–a Viking assassin hired by her so-called fiancé to kill her. Luckily, he’s more interested in claiming her for himself. Falling for her hired assassin wasn’t a part of her life plans, but he’s changing her mind fast. Love isn’t easy, but it beats the hell out of death.


Goodreads my rating 5*


Naughtiness 4*


Fantastic read omg wow definitely do not do justice to how much I loved this book. This is the first of Gwen’s books that I’ve read and most definitely will not be the last.


As always I will not give spoilers there are teasers in the blurb, I will say that this book has everything you need and iliterally read it in one go only pausing at half way to say loving it so far. Has adventure intrigue a hot hero and a feisty heroine and a fantastic author who weaved their hea together. A hard won hea is one sure to be magical and everlasting as it’s been fought for. Cannot wait for the next in the series just hate that it be next year not this year, but it’s because I’m a greedy reader who’s just read a tease for the next.


Thank you Bobbie for recommending Gwen to me and thank you Gwen for giving g me the honour of reading this fantastic book.

Available now on kindle £2.29


Shell’s Review of Lord Hunter’s Heiress by Lara Temple

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51TJDE2-PhLThis is Lara’s first book in the Wild Lords and Innocent Ladies Series for Mills and Boon Historical.

In this new series we meet three friends who are Lord Hunter, Lord Ravenscar and Lord Stanton, these friends have known each other since they were at school, they also got a reputation for wild living and accepting any sporting dares.  In society they became known as The Wild Hunt Club.

My Review

This is my second book that I have read for Lara, I am getting to know  her style of writing, I also like how you can feel empathy with the characters.  In this book it was definitely the case.

What I loved about this book, is that both characters had issues they had to contend with.  Firstly Helen or Nell has her friends like to call her, there is one thing that Nell loves more than anything and that is horses give her confidence and is not afraid to take a challenge, she is also a very accomplished horsewoman even though at this time she is only seventeen.

Even though Nell has confidence with her horses, the same can’t be said for the people that she lives with her father Sir Henry Tinley, I say father in a small way, because he would rather see his daughter being bullied by Aunt Hester, he does not stand up to Aunt Hester, even though they have guests.  But luckily Nell does stand up to Aunt Hester and I cheered for her.

Now I come onto Hunter who at the time of first meeting Nell, he was going through a lot of issues, but he is a man who is loyal to his friends.  In the book even though Nell is young I thought Hunter was attracted to Nell from the beginning, and he was also very impressed with her riding ability and so because of the challenge he buys Petra and Pluck, and he also witnesses Nell go from someone being bullied to a woman who finally stands up to Aunt Hester.

All that happened four years ago in 1816 and now its 1820 and Nell is now a heiress and she on her way to Hunter’s residence, because even though she cut her father and her Aunt from her life, her father did something four years earlier that one Hunter has forgotten and two Nell had no idea until she received a letter from her father.  All I will say now is that we find out what Hunter’s issues are and the main one is guilt and he has terrible nightmares.

I thoroughly loved this book and can highly recommend it.  The next book in the series is Lord Ravenscar’s Innocent Betrothal.  I’m looking forward to this book because I found Ravenscar a cheeky character.

Hunter’s book is available to buy on 1st November and can be purchased from Amazon.

I received this ARC from the author in return for a honest review.

Gwessie’s Review

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His Majesty’s Temporary Bride.

By Annie West




Out of the shadows… As the illegitimate secret daughter of royalty, Cat’s life has been far from luxurious. After years of bullying, she’s set against a return to her childhood home. But her princess half sister has mysteriously disappeared ahead of her engagement to charismatic King Alexander. …into the bed of the king! Cat agrees to stand in for her–but she didn’t agree to the electric attraction between her and Alex! He might have no idea who she really is–but when their insatiable desire threatens to strip away every boundary between them, Cat cannot hold back from the temptation of Alex’s caress…


Goodreads my rating 5*

Naughtiness 4*


Very beautiful as always Annie never disappoints. I utterly adore this book and will be reading its sister book very shortly.


As always I never give spoilers, what I can say is that this enchanting book has everything we can expect in a fantastic story and a few extra surprises too. I adored the story and the characters as we get to know them and the story unfolds all the way through to the epilogue. I’m over the moon we will likely be seeing a little more of them in the books sister out very soon.


Annie truly as always thank you for writing this amazing book and thank you to #millsandbooninsiders for requesting I read it even though I had planned to already.

Available today on kindle £2.99

I will also be reviewing its sister book very soon and will do so as a double feature on them and dear Annie


A Proposal to Die For by Vivian Conroy

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Alison’s Review Of:

A Proposal to Die For by Vivian Conroy

**** 4 stars

Book Blurb:

A murderous beginning
With her father away in India, Lady Alkmene Callender finds being left to her own devices in London intolerably dull, until the glamorous Broadway star Evelyn Steinbeck arrives in town! Gossip abounds about the New York socialite, but when Ms Steinbeck’s wealthy uncle, Silas Norwhich, is found dead Lady Alkmene finds her interest is piqued. Because this death sounds a lot to her like murder…

Desperate to uncover the truth, Lady Alkmene begins to look into Ms Steinbeck’s past – only to be hampered by the arrival of journalist, Jake Dubois – who believes she is merely an amateur lady-detective meddling in matters she knows nothing about!

But Lady Alkmene refuses to be deterred from the case and together they dig deeper, only to discover that some secrets should never come to light…


This cosy mystery was set in the 1920’s with Lady Alkmene at the heart of it with Jake Dubois a reporter as her partner.
They team up together to solve the murder of Silas Norwich a wealthy man who had been searching for an heir, but the one who has been found, is she a true heir or an impostor planted to receive the inheritance?
And was Silas Norwich’s death an accident or cold blooded murder?

I found the character of Lady Alkmene to be a little spoilt and bored with her life. Jake Dubois was very patient with her as they followed the leads to try to find the murderer.
I am sure that in further books in this series we may just see a possible romance blooming between the two of them.

A pleasant read that lovers of cosy mysteries will very much enjoy!

Rosa by Jeanette Taylor Ford

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Alison’s Review Of :

Rosa by Jeanette Taylor Ford

***** 5 stars!!!!

Book Blurb:

Elizabeth Rosa Fulton is leading a great life. The bright star in the sky of Lake Enterprises as its Business Manager, she is also the shining light in the life of Justin Lake, her boss and owner of Lake Enterprises. However, as the result of a certain event, all this suddenly changes, leaving Elizabeth broken hearted and without a job or a home.
When her grandfather, Lord Carrington, offers her the post of Estate Manager to the Longdene Estate, Elizabeth feels that this is the place to recover from her broken heart and be useful to the family at the same time. And indeed, she loves Longdene and the friends she makes there. But, as time goes on, as she learns about the mysterious disappearance, many years before, of her great grandmother and namesake Rosa, Elizabeth becomes a victim of a series of unexplained and scary ‘dreams’.
As the events escalate, Elizabeth has cause to doubt everyone around her, even her friends. And, as the culmination of experiences rises to something quite terrifying, Elizabeth has to ask herself if she is really being haunted by her dead great grandparents or is she going mad?


I have just finished this book and I wanted to get my thoughts down on paper as soon as I could, as this was a truly exceptional read which I am honoured to review.

Elizabeth leaves her high powered job heartbroken, as she has just ended an affair with her boss after speaking to his wife and knowing that this was the right thing to do.
Her grandfather offers her a job managing his estate Longdene, which she gratefully accepts.
She loves her new responsibilities and moves into her great grandmother’s room, where she starts to experience strange occurrences and comes to the conclusion that she may be being haunted by her great grandmother Rosa and also by her great grandfather Henry ad things start to take a sinister turn.
She turns to Daniel her childhood friend to help her understand what is happening to her.
Is she being haunted, or going mad or maybe something even more sinister and dark is happening to her?

I completely loved everything about this book, the writing, the storyline, the characters, all of this brought together made it for me a simply brilliant read!
One I will remember and one I would highly recommend!
This is one of the best books I have read for a while!

Vittorio by Anne Rice

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Alison’s Review Of:

Vittorio, The Vampire by Anne Rice

*** 3 stars

Book Blurb:

A Vampire Chronicles novella from the internationally bestselling Anne Rice

A VAMPIRE IN THE ITALIAN AGE OF GOLD. . . Sixteen years old, Vittorio is the sole survivor of a bizarre and violent massacre at his father’s Tuscan palazzo. Escaping to the Florence of Cosimo de Medici, he seeks vengeance and retribution. But though he has been saved from death by a mysterious woman, he finds himself at the mercy of demonic, bloody nightmares, war and political intrique. And, beyond even these perils, Vittorio faces being torn apart by a dangerous love. Against a backdrop of the wonders – both sacred and profane – of Rennaisance Italy, with it’s art and ferocity, angels and demons, Anne Rice introduces a seductive new character and creates a passionate traggic legend of doomed young love and lost innocence.


Vittorio is 16 when his whole family is slaughtered by Demons.
He follows these creatures to seek his revenge, but what he fi D’s is a castle full of vampires.

One of these vampires catches his heart, but when he kills all of them with the help of angels, he saves Ursula who then makes him a vampire against his will so that they can then spend eternity together!

I love Anne Rices’s Vampire Chronicles and most of her other books, but there was something lacking in Vittorio.
The writing was vivid and descriptive taking you right to the very heart of the story, but I just couldn’t take to Vittorio’s character, it felt like I was forcing myself to keep picking up the book to carry on reading it.
I also felt that the storyline was lacking in substance.

Unfortunately a disappointing read for me!