Reviewing Policy

What We Read

As there are five of us, we all review in very different ways, even though all five of us are Mills and Boons Insiders we all still read different Romance Genres to the others. So to simplify things for everyone, below you will find links to each of our Goodreads Profiles which gives all the information that is needed about each of us.

Amy – “I am a Mills and Boon wannabe writer, I love Mills and Boon/ Harlequin whether that be Historical or Contemporary as long as it’s a M&B I’m happy.”  Click Here

Alison – “Like Amy I love Mills and Boon, in fact I live and breathe Mils and Boon, whether it’s Contemporary or Historical, I just love M&B.” Click Here

Frankie – “I live, breath and love Historical Romance, any era I’m not too fussy and I read a wide range of Historical Romance Authors.” Click Here

Gwessie -“I love reading all types of Romance’s and Biography’s everything from Historical, Contemporary, Medical and a personal favourite Paranormal. ” Click Here

Shell  – “I love reading Mills and Boon either Contemporary or Historical, also fond of many none M&B Historical authors.” Click Here

Our Reviewing Policy

All reviews are our own opinions and thoughts, with the exception of the back blurb of the book, which is for informational purposes only. Each of us always give an honest, thoughtful and considerate review of all books, and it is our aim to post all reviews on books that we have read. We post our reviews on our personal Blog’s, NetGalley (when appropriate) Goodreads and Amazon. We always state in the reviews who’s review it belongs to. (Eg: This book was reviewed by – reviewers name)

We are happy to receive review requests from authors and publishers, but as there are five of us, with very individual schedules and reviewing habits, it would be best to first read our Goodreads profiles and personal blog’s (where applicable) and either contact one of us directly or by using the contact form on the contact page.

At the present time due to a personal commitments, Frankie will only accept requests from authors she has previously reviewed for, you can find her full T&C’s at Chick’s Rogue’s and Scandal’s Click Here

WE DON’T AND WILL NEVER ACCEPT PAYMENT FOR REVIEWS!!! That isn’t what we do and more importantly that isn’t what The Review Sister’s is about. We are not professional reviewers, we are enthusiastic amateur’s who enjoy reading and sharing our views. We will never ask for anything in return for a review.


We always promote our posts on Twitter and Facebook, we don’t mind if you promote the Review on social media and if you are wanting to use quotes from our reviews for promotion of your book that’s absolutely fine by us. In fact it would make each of our days. What we do ask is that you…

!!Don’t copy the entirety of our reviews!! 

We don’t have a problem with sharing so long as you share appropriately using the share buttons on the post. If you do use our reviews or quotes in promotion of the book then let us know, you can tag us by either the reviewer or tag the blog which is Facebook : @reviewsisters and Twitter : @review_sisters